segunda-feira, junho 28

Who did it?

I remember when my kids were quite small, about 9 and 10 years old. We were living in New Zealand, and they went to the local school with kids from many other nationalities. One day I went to visit them at lunch time, and I saw lots of kids running and playing outside.

They were all screaming and yelling, and one specific word caught my attention. I could not figure out exactly what it was, but the sound was familiar.

I paid a bit more attention and noticed the kids were only using this word when they were upset. How interesting, I had to find out what the word was.

When I got closer, I could understand what they were saying:


Which would be something like

- SONOFABITCH in Portuguese.

My girls were the only Brazilian children at the school. I did not have to think much to find out who was teaching those kids how to swear in Portuguese, right?

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