domingo, junho 13


I don't care about football. never did. But when we talk about the World Cup, it all changes. There is no time when I am more patriotic, or passionate about my country and my roots.

This year we are going to watch it in Bahrain - right in the Middle East.

We even bought a new TV for the occasion. There are two cable providers in the country - and none of them will be transmitting the games. If you want to watch it, you can buy a dream box ( it is an illegal transmition, who steals the signal from the official providers and offers the "clients" channels). Al Jazira bought the right to transmit it to the Gulf, so you can also sign up for their program.

Fabio and I did not want to risk it, so we bough both. Al Jazira, the official provider and the Dream box, just in case...

Can you believe we almost did not watch the first game?

Al Jazira had a transmittion problem and we lost most of the first part of the game. We could only see some of it, because we happen to have the "únreliable, unofficial and ilegal" dream box.

Go figure

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