terça-feira, junho 22


I love learning new things, so I tag along to all courses I know about. The last one I went was about Feng Shui.

Pretty interesting stuff. I was all busy learning how to manage the energy in my house, my life and my family when suddenly we touched on a subject that is tabu to me. Apparently masks are bad feng shui.

Oh, well, I have been collecting them for over a decade and they travel with me all over the world. I only take my masks and Leya's sculptures, so learning I should not have them, made me want to leave the course. I immediately disliked Feng Shui, and decided that was not for me.

When I was ready to stand up and leave, a woman started telling her story. Her husband has these two tribal masks, they are horrible and she hates them. Now that she KNOWS they are not ugly, but just wrong images ina household, she needs to find out how to get rid of them.

I put my hand up and told her i was more than happy to adopt the masks. I would hate to see them homeless. I already have over 100 masks, two more are very welcome!

I am sorry, Feng Shui, but my masks stay!

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