domingo, junho 20

Letter to the teacher

Fabio is watching all the world cup games. He comes home, sits in front of the TV and does not move until all the games finish. I do not complain, or blame him, if I was passionate about something like he is passionate about football, I would just do the same.

I don’t care for football. But during the World Cup, my blood turns green and yellow and I also glue to the TV during OUR games.

My girls love it. They watch the games, they yell, they scream, and it seems they know what is happening ( I know when a team scores, and when they do not…everything else seems the same to me).

With the time difference, the last game of the day is very late at night, and Brazil has both the first and second games at 9:30 in the evening. The game finishes around 11:30, we chat a bit more, some friends have a bite to eat, we all end up going to bed very, very late.

I can’t possibly send the kids to school, and subject the poor teachers to two grumpy, moody, sleep deprived teenagers, so after all Brazilian games, I declared public holidays for school purposes in this house.

Today my younger child told me I have to write a note to her teacher and explain why she did not go to school on Tuesday. Here is what I wrote:

“Dear teacher,

In Brazil, football is taken very seriously. During the World Cup, the whole country stops. Shops don’t open, there is no one on the streets. Due to time difference, some of Brazil games are very late at night, and this is the reason why Lia could not attend school on Wednesday – she was very tired.

She is not coming on Monday either, because Sunday’s game is also very late.

Thank you


Yeah, I only hope I was clear enough…

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