terça-feira, junho 15

Resident Permit - Bahrain

I am sure you want to know what happened to the Resident Permit Saga ( I even got a couple of e mails asking me about it).

After I yelled, screamed and exorcised all bad spirits from my life yesterday, today I woke up to a much better life.

I decided not to think about it, and just trust things would sort themselves out. Naturally. Stupid, uh?

I went swimming in the morning, I saw friends I really like, I played with baby GC. And when FAbio came home tonight, my passport had the permit stamped on it.

Just like that. Yesterday there was no way "they" would give me the permit. Today, they just stamped the darn thing into my passport (yep, the same one that was unacceptable yesterday).

Go figure.

I know you want to ask me:

- Soooo, did all the stress paid off?

My reply is very simple:

It sure did. Didn't you read when I mentioned I exorcised all the bad spirits from my life? I recommend regular cleansing routines to everyone! I just proved it works...

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