sexta-feira, junho 18


I left  Brazil 10 years ago. Once upon a time I was an international student, then I became an immigrant and now I am an expat. Or an expat wife, to be quite honest.

It is funny how this labelscarry it's own weight, history and create different reactions in people when you mention them.

It is chic to be an international student. Even if you live in a horrible house with salvation army furniture and have no money. It does not matter. Itis ok. You are an international student, this is a temporary situation (even if you are 40 and never had a job in your life - in this case, people will think you are exotic.)

When the lable changes, and the same person become an "ïmmigrant", many people imagine their poor origins and she struggle for survival that brought that poor soul to the new country.

What about the expat? Ah... The expat is the most CHIC label one can have.It is associated with huge salaries, great packages and the status all students and immigrants should aim for.

What a bunch of bullfish. It is past 2 am and I am dead tired. Hopefully tomorrow I will not even remember all these insane thoughts...

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