quarta-feira, junho 9


Every month we send money to New Zealdn to pay for the darn house we don't even live in our home mortgage. It has been working for the last 1.5 years. Until today.

FAbio arrives from work and says:

- Zizi. I don't know what is happening, but the money we sent to NZ did not leave our bank account yet.

Zizi (that's me) responds:

- Yep. Did not go. I sent it again today. Let's see what will happen. The only probem is that our mortgage payment is due on Friday.

I quickly make the maths. No one needs to be a genius to figure out it is not going to work. Today is Wednesday. The money takes 5 days to get to NZ. Wednesday plus 5 days... FU*** ! There is no chance to pay our mortgage on time. Not at all.
So I try to look cool:

- And what can we do?

Fabio being cool:

- We wait a couple of days, to see if the money gets there, then we think about something.
I did not bother trying to recalculate the transaction time versus the money travelling time. Long ago I realised it does not matter how many times you recalculate stuff, the result does not change because you are hysterical/worried/desperate!
I think. Rethink. Think some more.

Just try to imagine this:

- Hello! Inaie here. Yep. That one who lived there. And moved to the Middle East. No. We are not going back to New Zealand. Not yet. We have no idea when. Hey, can I borrow some money from you?

Somehow I don't think this will be very good. Not very good at all.
I keep thnking. And rethinking. And thinking some more

Then I find Bani on MSN. She lives in Brazil, she is clever and sh may help me have a brilliant idea. Together we have all sorts of crap ideas and we make lots of non sense plans, but she brings me luck and I remember I know Dado. FAbio's friend since childhood. Their parents are friends, and have been for over 40 years now. The families are very close and DADO lives in NEW ZEALAND now. UHUU!!

I am sure he will not think we will still his money, and even if we do, he knows where my in laws live. He can just kidnap them!

Dado is not at the office, but I get another insite and remember I have another friend who

1- ( I hope) knows I am not going to run away with her money

2- probably has the money I need
I send her an e mail. She replies from her work:

I need to talk to my husband about it. See if we have this money. How much do you need?

I try to call her. Her office's number is not working properly and I can not get through.

I send her another e mail. She sends me her mobile number.

When I finally manage to get throug her, she already read my e mail with the figures, she finds out the ammount is not going to lead her to bankruptcy. She says she is going to transfer the money to my bank account. We chat a little bit, I relax a bit ( I am embarrassed and very greatful, all the same time)

She transfers the money to my bank account, and sends me a lovely e mail. I go to bed greatful God put such gorgeous people in my life, to fix my screw ups.

Thank you lilian!

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