domingo, junho 20

The longer I live, more confused I get

I have some spare time now a days and I found out how fun it is to play online games, so I joined two facebook games : farmtown and farmville. They are both interactive, and you can play with your friends. It is an interesting concept. You have your own farm, but you can help each other,sending gifts, doing small jobs at each other farm.

The new feature on farmville is a cooperative, where you can join your friends and plant/harvest crops in a specific period of time, it is a group challenge and it is fun. I have joined many, I started others. It is always a laugh.

Last week I joined Anida's coop. Anida worked with me in New Zealand, and when she decided to move to another city, I helped find a job there. Soon after, she had a gorgeous baby girl and I sent her some gifts. We were not friends, but we had a good relationship, closer than I had with most of my team members.

I joined, the coop, the program crashed and I was unable to harvest my crops or plant anything new.

Next morning, I get a very rude message asking me why did I go to her farm if I was not even planting the same crops as her (the question was pertinent, but the tone was dreadful). When I tried to reply, I found she deleted me from her list of friends. Let me be clear here. She did not delete me from the game. She deleted me from her network on facebook.

I was disappointed and sad. Since then I lost my interest for the games. I am not prepared to deal with fanatism or obsession. It is just a game!

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  1. That is a truly sad story - disappointing-sad, bizarre-sad and just sad-sad. I wonder whether someone like that would've turned on you about something eventually, and it just happened to be a Facebook game, or whether you're right in suggesting that it was the obsession with the game that led to such abrupt behaviour.

    Regardless, it's probably better that she's not in your social network any more!