quarta-feira, junho 16

Ignorance...at it's best!

Today was Brazil's first game and some great friends came over to watch it with us. After 15 minutes, Fran (the brazilian one) asks very quietly:

- Who is playing against Brazil?

- Korea.

- Humf... You are lying to me. Look there, it says PRK. What do you have to say, uh?

I thought for a bit and replied:

- People's Republic of Korea.

She accepted the answer. But she is always doubting me. I am not sure if she thinks I am so dum I know nothing, or if she thinks I am always joking. I am so not going to ask either.

I was feeling so clever, so superior. I decided to prove my infinite knowledge:

- It is North Korea. Stupid, stupid, stupid me. I could have shut up right here, but noooo. I need to continue, right? Because South Korea is comunist and they are not allowed out of the country.
Unfortunately Emerson was sitting right next to me. And he happens to be clever and well informed AND THANK GOD, full of compassion. He looked at me with total disbelief and made a slight head gesture, sugesting I may be mistaken. I begged for his silence. I begged for him to just let it slide, let me be, just shut up, please. As I like to always be right learn things and specially be corrected if I make a mistake, I encouraged him to distroy my reputation to tell what was wrong with my afirmation. I was eager to know who the hell was playing against us, which one was the comunist Korea and wich one wasn't.

It was all lost, anyway, we may as well, set the record straight. It is never too late to learn!
It sort of happened in slow motion:


As I said, Emerson is clever, well informed and generopus. He said it in such a sweet way, I did not even feel like an idiot.

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