sexta-feira, junho 25


 I was leaving abroad for five years, during which, I worked in Australia and New Zealand - in some jobs I had to talk to hundreds of customers in a single day.

I was very confident my English was good enough. I will never be a native English speaker, I will have my Brazilian accent forever, but I am sure I can communicate.

After all this time living away from Brazil, I decided to travel with my kids to Thailand. When we got there, my 7 year old daughter says:

- Mom, you should move to Thailand.

I thought she was impressed with the smiling people she met in the country, or maybe she was just fascinated by the elephants she saw. Not wanting to disappoint her, I asked:

- Should I? And why is that, darling?

- Because they speak such poor English here, you would fit right in.

Well, kids are very honest, aren't they?

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