segunda-feira, junho 21

Where are my shoes?

Today I went to another farewell. At this time of the year, they are very common, unfortunately. School finishes now, so everyone who have kids, move to or from Bahrain in this period.

Judith is a great Kiwi lady I met when I arrived. She is always involved in all sorts of activities and she runs welcome programs for new comers, she sings, she sells carpets on behalf of her husband, she organizes parenting courses, she does all sorts of things and she raises 4 kids. I am not sure how she manages, but she is always smiling.

Every month she organizes a morning tea where people can see the carpets her hubby brings from Iran, and to make it more fun, she also invites other people and turns it into a "mini market". There are all sorts of exhibitors at her house, it is very fun!

Today was the last morning tea/tribal carpet day, so I went along and invited a couple of friends to come with me.

I saw a group of people in the carpet room and I decided to check what was happening there. Took my shoes off, so I would not step on her "product" opened my ears. Judith was explaining where the carpets come from, how they are made, who makes the, how the patterns change over time...and I was fascinated by the explanations.

We stayed around a little longer and when it was time to go home, I just could not find my shoes. At all. We looked everywhere. Judith was kind enough to lend me a pair to go home.

Honestly, this kind of thing only happens to me...

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