sábado, junho 19

They grow up - unfortunatelly

My babies are no longer babies. Anita is a teenager, and Lia is not yet, but at 12, she surely behaves like one.

Now that they are gown ups, all I have left are the memories.

I remember once when we were in Melbourne, and I took the kids to a Barbie show. They were three and four years old. The place was packed full. We saw the show, and when I look around, they were both gone.

I was terrified my girls would be alone, and afraid. Then I panicked someone would kidnap them. I heard so many stories about horrible kids disappearances.

I called security and got them to lock all the exits, then started running in the shopping corridors, looking for them.

Suddenly, I see these two girls, dressed exactly the same (believe me, THEIR choice, never mine), holding hands, chatting and laughing.

When they saw me, they stopped and Lia put both hands on her waist and said:

- MUM! You got lost!!

I never felt so much relief in my life

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