sábado, junho 5

My grandma and her "strategies"

My cousin Monica is one of my Grandma's grandkids too. We often fight about the legitimacy of my family relations, but we will discuss it here another day.

Today I want to remember Monica's first birthday party. My Godmother (Monica's mom), bought two dresses. A pink horrible  one and a gorgeous yellow one. Cisi (the Godmother) and I really liked the yellow one and I found the other very kitsch, less interesting. Grandma liked the pink one.

The plan was to let Monica choose. We would dress her up in both dresses and ask her which one she liked better.

The parade started and when Monica came out of the bedroom with the pink dress, my grandma started dancing, swirling, clapping and singing, all at the same time!

Monica, who was very silly barely one and a bit naive, fell for the audience's enthusiasm.

Cisi was furious, I was about to cry...

Monica, go and fetch your b'day pics. I am curious if we made an intervention and saved the infant and the elderly from a big mistake or if you were indeed wearing the pink dress at the party!

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