segunda-feira, junho 21

Footbal in Brazil

I was chatting with a Brazilian friend who lives in New Zealand today:

- My wife will have to reschedulle her flights, coming back from Brazil.


- 'cause it is on Friday. And Brazil is playing. The taxi companies alraedy told people not to rely on them because they may be late, or not come at all. World Cup, you know...

- Wow! What about family? Doesn't she have anyone to take her to the airport?

- Her brother could. But he wants to watch the game too.

I thought it was hilarious. I left Brazil too long ago, I don't remember these things.

Today we also had good news about my kids travels. They will now be able to go to Brazil. The residence is ready, the paperwork is sort of OK and the bureaucracy seems to be a bit easier. We called the family to let them know:

- Great news. The kids will be able to travel soon. All sorted over here!

Celebrations on the other side of the line!!! WOHOOO...

- And I would like the girls to get there for your birthday, Leya (mother in law)

More celebrations!!

- They can travel as early as Thursday, so they get there on Friday and are ready for Saturday, the birthday itself.

- Friday? But on Friday Brazil is playing. There is a World Cup game. It will be complicated to pick them up at the airport in Sao Paulo. Send them on Friday, they can arrive on Saturday!

I did not find it as funny as the first story. Actually I did not find it funny at all.

I called my dad

- Hey dad! Where are you watching the game on Friday?

- At home. in Campinas.

- But I called your PA and she said you would see it in the office - in Sao Paulo.

- Nah... She doesn't know anything. I will see it here. Campinas. But why are you asking?

- Because I was thinking about sending the kids

he did not let me finish. he just interrupted me:

- My grandkids? Send them whenever you want - I will pick them up. I don't even want to watch the game anymore...

Isn't he the best?? Best dad ever!!!  Love you.

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