sexta-feira, junho 4

Well, well, well

I went out for drinks and met some French friends. By coincidence I was with a French girl myself, and we decided to chat a little bit.

When they realized I was the only non French in the group, they asked me:

- But you do speak French, don't you?

I know ONE word. And Francine, my lovely friend, knows too well it is a bad word, so to save me from embarrassing myself, she said it was not worth sharing that particular word.

I accepted, they moved on, we spent the rest of the night chatting and laughing.

Just before home time, these same people stop by our table and the little friend girl says a word I am not even brave enough to repeat. The worst way you can describe the female anatomy, in Portuguese!

Of course I was not going to loose this competition, and without blinking, I say MY VERY OWN BAD WORD, in French.

No one laughs. No one think it is funny. Actually, I feel there is a strange cloud around us. People are a bit uncomfortable...

My French friend, calls me aside and whispers:

she did not say that: she was trying to say " resort"

RESORT???? There were not even the same letters in the darn word.

Bloody French, try to learn my language, get it totally wrong and manage to make me look like a fool...

Did I mention I had just sent my CV to this girl, who promised to help me find a job?

I guess I will be unemployed for a while now. At least if it depends on the French community!

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