terça-feira, junho 15

Fighting for my right to be "P" OFF!

I know I am lucky, I know I have a good life. I am healthy, I have a great family, enough money to get by, a wonderful hubby, perfect TEEN daughters, a lovely dog, bla, bla, bla. But sometimes I want to have the right to be pissed off with things that happen in my life and upset me.

Today I had this issue with the visa, passport, this FU**ING SH**, and I dared to complain about it.

Some of the replies I got:

- You have nothing to complain. So many people have much worse problems...

I KNOOWWWWW but this is my problem at the moment. And I want the right to suffer for it. And I want the right to complain.
- O dear, it could be so much worse. Imagine if someone gets sick in your family.
Yep. That would be much, much worse. It would be very shitty, but Thank God, no one is sick and the problem I have is this one. About visas, passports and this crap.

- Inaie, just remember you can choose between being angry or being OK.

And am I stupid or something? CAn't you see I already made my choice? I AM ANGRY. I was angry about the current situation and now I am also angry with YOU, Juliana.

- Oh! You are always so spoiled. Only child and all... You never have real complains or real problems.

Sure. I live in a fairy tale. The same one all spoiled, only kids live. And being spoiled and the only child should be enough to guarantee a lifetime of happines, right?

- You complain about bureaucracy...What about me? I don't even have money to travel.

Ok. This is really important. My right to complain DOES NOT take away YOUR right to complain. Go ahead, complain, yell, scream, say some bad words. I may even lend you a shoulder to cry.

What about the ones who want to solve the problems for you? I am not talking about people with sugestions, or helpfull insights. I love those. I am talking about people who can not see all you want it to express your frustration!

Well, when I am annoyed (and annoying), when I am upset, angry, pissed off, all I want is some simphaty. All I need is someone to yell and scream with me. To help me find swear words.

That's all. After that I can let go and move on to solving the problem, as I always do.

Thank you Fabio for understanding my "grieving process"and letting me be. Thank you Francine (brazilian) and Rose, for helping me abuse the perpetrators! I am all ready to get on with life now.

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