quarta-feira, junho 16

Welcome MARTIM

Once upon a time there was a guy on the last year of school. His name is the only name I remember from a class of over 50 students. And if I am correct, he was not even in my class. Scary.

Rodrigo and I were friends. We laughed together, we aimed to be different. We criticized people for being boring, normal, annoying. We had a good time. We did "teenagery" stuff.

This guy gave me a black leather jacket and I wore it over and over.

Twenty years went by. I moved away from Santos that same summer. He came to visit once, we had some fun. We barely kept in contact, but I keep good memories of that time and a special place for him in my heart.

When I found out I could never scuba dive again, I wrote an e mail to him, I knew he would have the right thing to say, and he did. Made me feel much better. Made me laugh as he always did.

This morning I woke up thinking:

- I must write to Rodrigo. See how he is doing. Ask about life in Bahia...

When I turn my computer on, there is a message from him.

Martim has just arrived. It filled my heart with joy!

Rodrigo now has a baby to follow his foot steps.He will teach his son how gorgeous this world is, he will play with him and MArtim will be scuba diving before he walks, I am sure of it.

Congratulations my friend. And welcome Martim!

- The funniest thing was to find out Martim was born exactly on the same day as Khadija, daughetr of my great friend Fabiana. Coincidences never cease to impress me!

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