domingo, junho 13

World Cup - Mexico X South Africa

We were watching the game with another couple when South Africa scored the first Gol on Mexico.
I imediately got the phone and started dialing my Mexican's friend number.

Dee, who was with me, asked:

- What are you doing?

- Calling Yolhi.

I had to hear a huge lecture about how "not nice"that was, and  bla, bla, bla. While lecturing me, Dee notioced no one was anwering the phone, so she said:

- Call her from my mobole - she does not know the number ( well, I guess all the PC instinct went out the window, right?)

Dee was right. Yolhi answered the phone and we both yelled:


It was hilarious when my Mex friend replied:

- But it was not a Mexican gol!

kkkkk - I swear she is not blond.

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