terça-feira, julho 20

Tenerife - Ilhas Canarias

We woke up very early and made our way to the Ferry - our transport to Tenerife. I heard the island is just gorgeous, and being so close, I had to go and visit it.

My aunt Irma went with me and we had reserved a rental car. As soon as we arrived in tenerife, a charming taxi driver tried to convince us to join him on this exciting tour. Only 200 euros!  I have not robbed bank and I am still looking for the gold pot in the end of the rainbow, so until either of this things happen, I can't possibly afford this kind of tours. Rental car it was.

I could not believe when I went there to pick up the car and found out the darn thing was manual. I can not drive manual cars, haven't done so in over 10 years, no way I would try it today. Back I went to the rental place, with the keys in hand

- Eh, ar, I can't drive manuals

The guy told me there were no automatic cars available, explained they would be much more expensive, bla, bla...

I even tried to charm a couple who had just rented the last automatic car into travelling with us. We did not really cared where we went, so we could share, right? NOPE! The couple did not even look at me. Not at all.

The guy from the rental place finally decided he had an automatic car, agreed to give it to me for the same price, things were starting to look a bit better.

We took of to our adventure. I wanted to visit Anaka, my aunt wanted to go to the second biggest Vulcan in the world- the Tiede. I asked her to be my co pilot and give me directions, just follow the map, but she said she could not read maps, she did not like them.

I guess I had no options but to go wherever I wanted. Anaka it was.

The place has stunning views. Gorgeous places, amazing scenarios. And a very narrow road, so small it was good enough for one car, but of course it was a two way drive. Down the hill, the beautiful beaches.  One could only pray not to fall down the side of the road.

I am sure my aunt called all the saints she knew by name and made up some new ones. Whatever she did, we managed to get to the other side safe and sound.

From there i decided to be a good girl and take my aunt to see the Tiede (yep, I confess it was on my list too).
On our way, we met that couple from the rental car company. Their car was broken and they were being towed somewhere. I did not even look twice - and I did not offer help either.

More amazing views.Impressive landscape that made me feel so insignificant, so small, so irrelevant, and at the same time, so much part of it all.

We had lunch at an amazing restaurant, with extensive views. When we finished, everything was closed. The cable car, the museum, the information centre. All we had left was the amazing nature sorounding us. Luckily that was incredible and we were both delighted to enjoy every second of it.

I missed Fabio. I wish he was with me. I would like to share this images with him, I would love to have him by my side when I was having this amazing time.

Pity he was not here.

On our way back we stopped at a restaurant for some water and ice cream. God, it was hot!!

The waiter decided to share some local information with us and told us all about the guanches - a local tribe who lived here in ancient times. Apparently they were almost giants, and so virile they had 7 wives each. Some men had sex with several wives a night. And their sexual organ was 27 cm.

Now tell me: why someone would go to such detail to describe someone else's sex life? Didn't he have anything else to say about this civilization?

I blame it on my aunt. It never happens to me when I am alone.

We drove back to the city very early. The traffic was a breeze and it was easy to find parking. We had a fab dinner, went for a walk, took pictures, had lots of fun and managed to loose the last ferry back to las palmas

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