quarta-feira, julho 7


Today I was chatting with a friend about what to buy to a couple who happens to have their birthday in the same week - next week, to be more specific.

It is not enough to have to spend money just before the holidays when we spend money we have and money we will still make, when we save to bring great gifts to our beloved friends, from overseas, but now we have to buy TWO gifts. At once.

I was complaining about it, we were discussing this and that, and Francine (the brazilian one) and my friend who shall remain unnamed, comes with this pearl:

- Well, in times of crisis, one has to be creative. Let's give him a lap dance!

I am still laughing...

Um comentário:

  1. Oi Inaie!
    Nossa! Você é de longe! Rsrsrs!
    Passando para agradecer e retribuir o comment que vc fez no meu blog!
    A crônica é fictícia, mas existe sim sempre alguém que guardamos no coração com uma saudade imensa de momentos felizes vividos em comum!
    Um bjo prá vc!!!
    Obrigado pela gentileza das belas palavras!!!
    Volte sempre!!!