sexta-feira, julho 23


I have just arrived in Paris, where I will stay with Fabio for a week, before we go to USA, to meet my in laws and my teens.

I left Las Palmas at 2:40 am, had a conection in Madrid and now I am dead tired, after very little sleep. I tried to get a shuttle to my hotel (everyone told me it would be much cheaper than taxi) but I did not manage to organise it in advance, so I end up catching a taxi. It was a pleasant surprise, as it cost me 24 euros. The shuttle would cost 27.

I feel asleep in the taxi, and while I was dreaming ( yep, I slept that well), I noticed something strange in my dream. I was dreaming in Portuguese from Portugal. How funny.  Even funnier when i realised the taxi driver was Portuguese and he was listening to the radio, so my " so called" dream was just my hearing.

I arrived hours before Fabio will get here, so I decided to go for a  walk around the hotel. I walked, walked and walked. Then I reached a street market. I could not help but be fascinated by the fruit smells. they were so gorgeous I bought 3 melons, 1 Kg of cherries and 1 kg of nectarines. Then I walked, walked and walked back to the hotel with the extra weight I just aquired. Crap!

People here has been extremelly friendly and sweet. I am very impressed - and delighted!!

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