sexta-feira, julho 2


I was internet surfing today when I found out China censorship finds blogspot inapproopriate, so it is blocked in the whole country. I found it hard to believe and it reminded me of all the times I try to get to specific sites from Bahrain and get the following warning:



Every time I stumble on this message, I feel bad, as if I was really trying to do something wrong, trying to see something I should not.

I know it is crazy, I know there is nothing worng with the contents of the web sites I am looking for. But many people do not have this understanding, they probably believe the censorship is protecting them, their religion, their families.

In reality, some guys who were given authority, decided what should be seen by others and what should not. And we all live under the rules "they"created, and we have no idea what criteria (if any) was used.

From what I read, in China "they"decided blogspot was indecent, inadequate or plain wrong! So people can't read it. That's it. Forbiden.

I chose to live In Bahrain and I do not complain about the country or my routine. I just enjoy the opportunities we have here and I enjoy the different culture I now have access to. But I have to confess it is hard to swallow the censorship and it's stupidity.

I would like to chat with people from China, would like them to read my blog, to make comments and to share experiences.

What harm can it bring?

Tell me Alexandre, how are things in Japan? Do you have the freedom to choose whatever you want to read?

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  1. Maybe I can answer this question for u. Japan is a capitalist country and I think theres no problem to acess any site or whatever u want to read. In Brazil.... LOL


  2. Ahhh its so good to me to practice in English. Sometimes I forgot words cause i don´t use to practice. Maybe I can find a foreign husband (now I´m divorced) to practice constantly...

    Sério, vc pode falar inglês comigo se quiser, gosto de praticar. Se estiver escrevendo errado, por favor me corrija. É bom treinar para não enferrujar rs. Eu vi o post do parque aquático. Comentei nele tb. Adorei aquele secador de gente rs.... Obrigada por atender um pedido meu :)


  3. We have the same problem here in Saudi, as you would expect. I am a little baffled by the websites they choose to block, too! I understand maybe some of the pornographic sites or whatever, but there are some sites that seem harmless to is very weird.

  4. Mary, thank you for your visit! I really appreciete it. I think people taking care of the censorship unfortunatelly just do it out of the blue, without really knowing what they are blocking.