segunda-feira, julho 12

I am going to do something usefull with my life

As I wrote days a go, I lost a darling friend of mine, Ron-

As soon as I found out, I called his wife, who is now living in Canada ( Ron was Canadian, and after many, many years living abroad they decided to go back to his home country). Well, I called to offer a friendly word, to give her a shoulder to cry, to say how sorry I am and most of all, to tell her she is not alone.

We had a chat, we cried a bit, then she says:
- Inaie, I promised Ron I will do something useful with my life, and believe me - I will.

My heart filled with love for this woman who "WILL" do something useful with her life. The same woman, who participated in committees to open schools for poor children in Africa, who donated from her own pocket, a well to an African Village and was part of several charity groups along her way.

It was Alice, who "WILL" do something useful with her life, who introduced me to an organization who protects Immigrant workers in Bahrain and to the group who goes around distributing water and soft drinks to outdoor labor. Same person who helps the associations who care for abandoned animals. And teaches people how to recicle and why recicle.

This Alice, who "WILL" do something useful with her life, sold part of her furniture and donated the money to charity. She also joined efforts to help raise money for a nursery and orphanage in Africa, supported by another woman we know.

She left some things with me, and asked me to sell them and give the money to one of the charities she supports ( easy task, she supports them all).

My friend, who "WILL"one day do something useful with her life, still keeps in contact with all her former home employees in Africa ( and still sends money to help them). Alice helps whoever knocks on her door, and she is not shy to knock on people's door if she knows she can help.

She talks about non violent communication, she is the shoulder her friends go to when they need help. She always have a kind word to whoever approaches her. She does not judge, just accepts people as they come.

Alice does what she can, when she can, to whoever needs it, and now, she "WILL"do something useful with her life. I hope she does find a way to do what she is promising, because if she touches so many lives and hearts BEFORE doing something useful with her life, imagine what she will be capable when she finally does something useful with this life of hers.

I love you, and will always be your cheerleader

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