sexta-feira, julho 30

Sick in Paris

 Well, it seems this cold is not going to give me a break. I could not sleep tonight, I was turning from side to side, my body in pain, my nose all blocked up. A nightmare.

What annoys me more is the fact that I am never sick. The bugs come and go, and I don't catch them. But in Paris, well, in Paris, it all has to be different, right?

This morning, before dawn, I managed to have a nap. Then I woke up with Fabio, having his breakfast in our room.

- Are you feeling better? (he stuck his hand on my forehead, and declared I was running a temperature)
- mmmm
- You are running a temperature, you better sleep.
- mmm

soon after that:

- Zizi, Zizi (yep, that happens to be me) are you feeling better?
- mmm
- You have a fever. You better just stay in bed and sleep,

I diligently follow the instructions...I am so tired, I can't even articulate proper words. I just murmur something and roll to my side

- Zizi, Zizi, How are you feeling now? Well, you are still hot, so you better just be quiet and nap
- mmm

If I had the energy, I would have snapped at him. Lucky man, I am feeling so crap, I did not even manage to yell at him.

- Zizi, because you are not feeling well, we better stay in the hotel, so you can rest and recover
Is he joking? I am sure he must be joking...

Then I just saw the light. Magdalene helped me through this tough moment:

- Fabio, you must go out.We are in Paris, you have to enjoy it. It would not be fair to keep you here!\
not fair to ME, trying to sleep, but i did not say that...

But he is a wonderful man and he refuses to leave without me. How cute! GRRR

A little after, just to make sure I am feeling well, he comes:

- If you take a shower,  you will feel better and you will be able to sleep easier
I just mumbled something...and tried to go back to sleep. If only he shut up...

- Ok. Imagine I decide to take a shower. And I feel a bit better. You think I should go out?
- No. Of course not...
- So how about you just let me sleep?

- So, I think the shower would be good for you, but if you can manage to sleep without it, maybe you could shower later... just rest now
As if I could...

Of course he could not help himself, but come and check if I was better, if I needed medicine, bringing medicine anyway, even after i said I did not want it, asking if I was hungry, giving me food regardless...

I tried everything I could think of, to make him go out, enjoy Paris and let me sleep. Nothing worked, so I gave up:

- Ok. I am coming with you. I will drag myself out of this bad and I will just come along. Ok?

-Noooo. You don't feel well. You need to rest. Seriously...

That seemed to work. Feeling sorry for me, he decided to go. But of course, he had to get the guide, show me pictures of the museum near by, discuss the pictures and after I swore I had no interest in it, sick or not sick there was no way in hell I would make my way there, he started changing clothes.

- Fabio, get the paper on the door. the do not disturb on.

- But then they will not clean the room...

I shot him the meanest look I managed.

- You are right. They do not need to clean it. Just sleep. I will put the paper at the door knob.

Of course he did not. Of course the cleaners came in and woke me up. And now I am here, grumpy as hell, typing this post...

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