domingo, julho 18

Gran Canarias - Nestor de Las Torres Museum, Doramas park and lunch at the beach

After all that walking about, my feet hurt, so I decided to take a pain killer. It made me sleep until 11 am today - here went my day!

Thirty minutes before Nestor Torres museum closed it' doors, we made into the exhibition. We saw huge paintings from the 30, we had the opportunity to learn about this talented painter who was born right here, in Las Palmas. His brother, a talented architect, built the best hotel in Las Palmas. It was pretty fun to visit both places.

After that, we went to Dorama Park, and even though it seems to be a simple park, it was delightful to be able to sit under the trees and watch some water features. i could be there for hours.

We walked a long way until we got to the beach front, to have some lunch and relax a bit more. I forgot people use to Top Less here in Spain, and I could not take my eyes off the boobs every where. Ugly boobs, small boobs, big boobs, saggy boobs, and one, only one pretty pair. Maybe someone should implement some kind of quality control. You want to show your boobs? Let's see if it is presentable? Did not make the grade? Just put your top back on... simple as that.

And yep, you can call me names, I don't mind. Much.

While having lunch, we met a great local couple. We had a chat, laughed a lot and exchanged e mails. It was fun.

Tomorrow, Tenerife!

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  1. Did u show your boobs around the beach? lol I´m so shy to do that and too white *laugh*. Great trip, huh?