terça-feira, julho 13


Today I was reading Elisa's blog - http://elisafuji.blogspot.com and she was writing about travelling and packing.

I am the most disorganized person when it comes to packing. I always leave it to the last minute and it is always the same basic list: underwear, old clothes that can be left behind so I can buy, buy, buy stuff at the new place. Comfortable shoes are a must and most of the time I leave it somewhere in my travels, or just throw it in the bin when we finally reach home.

I am so "relaxed" with this whole packing thing that I normally do it the evening before my departure, dragging it until the early hours of the morning.

Last year, Yolhi, my Mex friend, told me I had to have a dressy thing and some heels. What if we went to a sophisticated restaurant? I needed tp be ready.

The shoes came back the same way they went - We did go to dressy places, but I either wear the new stuff I buy, or I go as I am. Too bad if people expect me to be all dressed up.

I don't care much for this things, I just take a more relaxed approach and live one day at the time, when I am travelling. One thing I always carry with me are some necklaces, because I feel naked without them.

But all this story about packing, because I am travelling tonight. First stop - Canary Islands. After a week, I wll meet Fabio in Paris, then we spend another week there and fly to USA to meet our children and his parents and brother.

My plan is to write every evening, when I get to the hotel ( connection permitting). I will upload pics too, at least some.

My apologies in advance if I end up with no energy to visit your blog, I normally walk a lot during the day and get to the hotel dead tired! Apologies in advance, and I promise to re visit you in September, when I come home.

Bye...I gotta pack!

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