sábado, julho 17

Botanical Gardens

I am staying with my cousin, who is a student and live with 3 other guys. My aunt, her mum, is also visiting. You just make the maths. We are 6 people, plus the visitors who come and go all the time.

I am sleeping in the living room, with my cousin boyfriend and two cats. All great fun.

Today we woke up a bit late, and I went to the information centre, try to figure out what to do with my time here. Because the weekend has arrived already, the rental cars are all gone. SH**T

I decided to go to the Botanical Gardens. Beautiful, wonderful, exciting place. I saw lots of beautifull plants, learned about some stuff about the Canary Islands and then I had a surprise.

In the Canary, they have a tree called Dragon Tree, very similar to the one I am dyiong to visit in Sukatra - Yemen.

So I guess this trip is saving me from going all the way to Yemen...kkk

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