quinta-feira, julho 15

Bye for now, Bahrain

After a week of farewells, it is finally time for me to go on my 7 weeks jorney. I am looking forward to it.

The hours before my departure were a bit stressfull. I am always feeling I forgot something important, and Fabio keeps looking at me with his superiority look. Ok, you are more efficient than me in some stuff - so what??

On my last hours in Bahrain, Yolhi ( yep, the same gorgeous Mexican friend), cooked dinner for us. Wonderful food, fab company.

At the airport, things were so smooth, I coul;d barelly believe. Finally Murphy forgot I exist.

Under 2 minute check in

Luggage sent straight to Las Palmas

Security check easy peasy


Then I get to my gate. Oh, yeah, then I do get to my gate...

And there is a screaming american woman with a todler in tow who is the loudest person I ever saw (or heard). Even been partially deaf did not help.

Ok, I will just jump on the free internet avaiable, and write on my blog. Oh...no conection available? Even thou everyone seem to be having it easy?

I will type on Word and post it later. No problems. What? No windows in this lap top? NO WINDOWS IN THIS LAP TOOOPP?

I just used note pad. Nothing will make me mad today, but I can sense Murphy is making his come back.

Inside the aircraft, mu luggage compartment was full, my headset was not working and I decided to sleep. That would send Murphy away and I could be rested when I arrive in London.

I will be at the airport for 8 hours, so I better go out and do some stuff - and I need to be in good shape for that.

In Heatrow, after all the transit stuff, I got to my terminal only to be told 8 hours is not enough time to get out of the airport. I better stay in.

What did Ithink? That I was in Thailand where I would find hudreds of people just waiting to take me on great torus as soon as I arrived in the country?

na, na, ni

Histerical american is trotting around with her todler now. Much quieter, because the genius does not have a pram or a harness, and she is carrying the 2 year old, one bag, and pushing her trolley.

I offer help and she declines.

Murphyes at the airport:

no internet conection for my lap top

found paid computer where I am writting it all over again

try to save it, and somehow loose all my text. straight after finishing it.

Yeah, this is the third version, and somehow the text corrector is not working, so this post will be full of errors. :-)

Gotta go now. I have 6 hours to browse the duty free shops

See ya

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