sábado, julho 10

Out with Yolhi

I went to Galeria Al Ansar with Yolhi,( my Mexican friend). As it always happen, we forgot about the time and nly left the place when they closed and quicked us out.

This place is the shopaholic's paradise. Four floors of stuff. The whole gallery is one shop, one floor for the supermarket, one for furniture and decoration, another for clothes and the last one with all sorts of things: perfumes, cosmetics, make up, little souvenirs...

The prices are pretty atractive, so one just stays there...

When we were going to our cars., we saw a Phillipino lady running after a mini bus. And the mini bus did not stop for her, it just left her running alone at the car park.

I just kept filling the booth with my bags, totally unfased by the Philipino situation, until I saw Yolhi's face and figured out what was about to happen there, so I quickly said:

- Oh... she did not want to take that bus, she was not running fast enough.

But Yolhi is destined to go to heaven, so she replied:

- No, Inaje, she was running for a long time after that bus, she was tired by the time she got here, that's why she wasn't as fast.

Yolhi and I are friends for 2 years now. I know there is little I can say or do when she really wants to do something, so I just said

- WHATEVER... and took the front seat on her car.

Sumary of the situation: we took the lady home. She lives in the Middle of nowhere with the other employees and when we arrived, the bus was alos dropping them off.

Yolhi opened her window and started yelling at the ladies (who quickly run to hide inside the building) :

- You are bad friends. You left Rhona behind! You should not do this, you need to ask the driver to wait!!

When they saw Rhona coming out of the car, they all went back outside to be properly told off.

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