quarta-feira, julho 21

Tchau Tormenta

One of my hostess was Tormenta, a kitten who was found at the beach nearby and brought home, to scape starvation. She came to live in my cousin's house with her mum, soon after her birth.

Tormenta earned this name straight away. She was always in trouble. She jumped up and down, she pulled and pushed things, she managed to throw the surf boards in the floor, she bit people's toes when they were asleep.

Today, one of her adventures ended really badly. She managed to get inside the washing machine, while none of us were looking. When we turned the machine on, she drowned and died.

We took her to the beach were she was born and held a small funeral for her.

I am lost for words, tears are rolling down my face for hours now. Bye bye Tormenta!!

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