terça-feira, abril 27

I am married to a Kiwi

Kiwi is the way we call New Zealanders. And before you get all worried about my "almost"15 year old marriage, I will explain:

Fabio and I are happy as Larry.He just got his New Zealand citizenship. It changes his status from New Zealand permanent resident (like us, poor mortals) to a citizen. He will now be able to run for mayor or prime minister, if he wishes to. And he will get a Kiwi passport. Not a bad one to have, I should say.

Normally, Fabio would have to go to New Zealand to participate in a public citizenship ceremony. We were very lucky he was able to have his, here in Bahrain. A special permission was granted by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the New Zealand consul from Saudi Arabia came to Bahrain to perform the ceremony.
I picked my kids earlier from school and we marched to Fabio's work, where we would witness the (small) formal ceremony. As far as we knew, it would be only us. Fabio, his boss, his family and the guy with authority to give him full New Zealand rights.

3 pm, the scheduled time, people started showing up. Work friends, colleagues, several directors, the CEO, a group of New Zealanders who were visiting the Polytechnic, suddenly there were over 30 people in the room.The was a cake, savories, kiwi decorations. All a big surprise! If you know my husband, you will know he was embarassed as hell.

The ceremony was quick. The NZ consul did his bit, Fabio swore obedience to Queen Elizabeth and her heirs, and it was all done and dusted. When it finished, John Sott, the poly's CEO made a very touching speech, said sweet things about Fabio and his work. One of the visitors, made a speech in Maori , followed by the Maori greeting. Chris Coutts, a friend of ours, sang in Maori, by the time she finished I was in serious tears.

All in all, it was one of the most beautiful ceremonies I ever had the opportunity to witness. So far from home, we now find ourselves amongst people who know how to make us feel loved and cared for.

To all our friends, Thank you! It was a very special moment for our family.

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  1. Parabéns,FABIO!È mais uma vitória! Como amo os maoris também me emocionei qdo INAIE contou q cantaram uma canção maori p vc...os maoris amam a musica e as artes.Eu gostaria de ter participado também.Com certeza as meninas também devem ter se emocionado.Lembro qdo elas,pequenininhas,cantavam o hino neozelandes com a mãozinha sobre o coração...PARABÈNS E FELICIDADES!cirlei

  2. Que legal! Aos poucos degrau a degrau voces estão chegando lá! Que lindo. Só em ler tambem me emocionei.Primeiro kiwi na familia, logo logo vem os outros atrás!Beijos mil a todos Leya

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