terça-feira, abril 13

Yep, I am afraid.

About a month ago, I found a red mark on my face. Funny mark, it actually feels like it had corroted the skin. It does not hurt, it is just rough. And red. And right on my face.

I went to the doctor, who was a sweet heart:

- That looks like skin cancer. I will burn it now. Come here!

- W H A T ?

- What do you mean? Skin cancer? Burn? Now?

I called FAbio to help me make a decision, but as luck has it, he never answered any of the phones I tried. Yep, he was home, and his mobile was on. He just did not bother.

Of course I got home in pieces, with my unburnt mark right where it was.

Next morning we called my father in law. He is a great doctor and more than that, he spent many years teaching medicine at one of the best institutes in Brazil. (yep, it makes me feel better to give his CV, so you will believe me when I say he is worth listening too)

- Inaie, take a pic and send it to me

- CAn't. It is gone.

- What do you mean? The mark is gone? And skin cancer now plays peek a boo?

- Wait for it to come back, take a pic and send it to me. Until then, do nothing.

The mark is right back. and bigger. Tomorrow I am having lunch with a gorgeous photographer friend and have already called and asked her to bring her camera. We will take a snap shot of this "f"thing and send all the way to Brazil for a diagnosis.

Wish me luck. I am scared shitless.

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