sábado, abril 3

My car insurance drama

I bought a car. Gorgeous. And it came with a one year insurance policy, thanks to the previous owner.
To transfer the car and the insurance I hired an agent, a local guy who is specialized in paper work bureaucracy.
Days go by and he can not transfer my insurance. I am getting a bit anxious, then at At 8:30 one morning, he calls me.

- They will accept the insurance, but you need to pay extra 50 Bds (125 dollars)

- And why is that - I ask

- Because you are an inexperienced driver.

- WHAT??? I have been driving for over 15 years!!

- Oh... In Bahrain?

- No. Not in Bahrain.

- How long in Bahrain?

- Over 1.5 years

- Ah. Did not know that either. Did you own a car?

- Yes, several cars.

- Here in Bahrain?

- No, I have been renting a car here.

- See? Inexperienced driver - you have to pay!

Suffice to say I yelled and screamed so hard at him and the insurance company guy, they decided not to charge me extra.

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