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Blog - How much is too much ??

Funny how feedback does affect us. Today I was chatting with Francine, a great a friend of mine about our blogs, and she said:

- I can not believe how much you say about yourself in your blog. It is too much exposure...

- Well, that's just me.

- No. That is too much, really.

And I dismissed it. For a little while, because the seed is obviously in my head, trying to grow.

Maybe I should be more selective. Choose the stories that will put me under a good light. Choose pretty photos of me. Do this, do that, but another side of me keep fighting back:

So what, if I do say too much? To complete strangers? In a public forum?

Oh. It may affect the way people see me. What they think about me. How they perceive my actions and reactions.

And the question doesn't want to go away:

- So what?

The truth is only one. Like everyone else, I do care about what people think of me. I think it is inbuilt in our genes and unavoidable.But I choose to pay the price. And to keep being what I am. Indiscreet and loud. Very loud.

And there are many Inaies. Some cool, many so not cool. I want them all to have their say, to express themselves. To have the right to be whatever they are, the way they are, whenever they are.

A friend once said I was the only person she met that wore no masks. And it scared her. (believe me, that was not a compliment, she was not trying to tell me how genuine and authentic I was. She was saying, please protect us from all this crap!)

Sorry, Renata, more than 6 years later, I finally found the answer to your request:

- No can do!

This is me. Or pieces of me.

And Francine, I love you. Too bad you think I should be more private about my life.

- No can do either!

This is it. Take it or leave it. The apprenticeship must continue. I hope to be a better collection of Inaies than I am today. Just help me on my journey.

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  1. Received on my private e mail: "Read your Blog, and it's very, very honest- disarmingly so. It must be a good feeling to be so comfortable with yourself that you feel able to share all your foibles with others.MH"