domingo, abril 11

Live with your hair messed up

I have learned how important it is to let life mess up your hair.

and I decided to live life with intensity ...

The world is crazy. Definitely crazy

If IT IS Yummy, it makes you fat. If it is gorgeous, it surely is expensive

The sun, that warms your skin, gives you wrinkles

Everything that is really good in life, makes a mess on your hair...

sex messes up your hair

laughter messes your hair

traveling, flying, running, swim in the sea. it all messes up your hair

taking your clothes off, messes up your hair

kissing messes ii up too

playing, you mess yo your hair

singing, until you have no more air in your lungs, messes it up

dancing all night, until your feet hurts, makes your hair unrecognizable

So, as always, every time we meet, my hair will be a mess

but rest assured I am going through a very happy time in life

It is life's law: the women with a messy hair is the one who chooses to go on the first sit, it the roller coaster

I may feel tempted to look impeccable

Looking all good inside and out

All the ads request "good appearance"

Fix you hair, put this on, take that out, buy, run, get slimmer...

You must eat healthy foods, walk with elegance, look serious...

You may even have to follow the instructions, but

when are they going to ask me to be happy?

Don't they see I need to feel pretty to look pretty...

The only thing that really matters is to have the real you reflected in the mirror in the mornings

Here is my recommendation to all women;

Let go. Eat yummy stuff. Kiss. Hug.

Dance. Fall in love. Relax. Jump. Sleep late, wake up early. Run,fly. Swim. Get comfy. Make yourself gorgeous

Look out the window. Have fun

And above all, let life mess up your hair

The worst case scenario is to laugh in front of the mirror while you comb it again

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