quinta-feira, abril 8

This girl is something else!

The design shows a group of people with different cultures and ethnics embraced in a circle with their arms. The idea of different cultures is represented by the different colors that paint their arms, hairs and clothes. At the same time, the persons are equals, represented by the same graphics in order to emphasize that everybody has the same value. The concept of the rapprochement is done by the circle and the bodies touching each other.

The colors were choose to represent the earth. The primary and vivid color were avoid to establish a language that make a call to the natural aspect of the diversity.

The diversity is also reinforced on the title, where each word is written by one font and one different color, but keeping the same tones used on the image. There is a misalignment on the text to represent the randomness of the human races on the planet.

Once upon a time there was a woman who had the most captivating smile and eyes that could tell you a thousand words. And lucky for me, she became my friend.

In this friendship I learned so many things, I can not even count. But one of them changed my life forever. Bia taught me that you can actually choose your friends. It may seem silly, but I did not know that. She showed me how you can not befriend someone for gratitude, obligation or pity. It does not work. That day, my life changed.

That's probably why I have always been surrounded by true friends.

Today I don't want to tell all the things I learned from her, I do not want to remember the past. I want to celebrate the present!

Bia has just won "honorable mention" in a Graphic Design competition for UNESCO. More than 1200 competitors, 82 countries.

It does not surprise me one bit. Bia was "designed" for great things in life. This is only one of them!

Beatriz Ardinghi, you are the best!

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  1. E ai muie! Vc ta com mais leitores que o Montblaat. HAHAHA!!!!!