terça-feira, abril 20

Creative class

I have started my painting classes again. Since I left New Zealand, I have been painting very little. Almost nothing. Today I decided it is time to go back to it!

I joined a fantastic group of women who get together every week, each with a different project and work in a fun, safe, creative environment. Our teacher is a free spirit. While I have always been asked to refrain from "going bananas"with my painting, this lady just thinks I am not bananas enough and encourages me (and everybody else) to totally express ourselves. To let go. To dare!

Well, there I was, expressing my inner self, letting go, going bananas, when I miscalculated a movement, fell on my ass on  a wet canvas, splashed painting everywhere, tried to regain balance and managed to knock over a whole bottle of sprite.

That was interesting. My clothes, skin and shoes were scared forever, but my teacher and my new friends thought that was pretty normal. Almost expected - as part of my creative process.

The only thing I am sure about is what clothes I will be wearing next week...

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