sexta-feira, abril 23

Bollywood party!

Fabio and I were lucky enough to be invited to a Bollywood party. I was really excited. I never went to one, and I love new experiences.

The invitation was very detailed. It was a dress up party. Drinks, dinner, a movie and some dancing. You even had the option to sleep over, if you wanted to! WOW!

My only problem was to convince Fabio to dress up. He hates it with passion (they do say opposites attract each other - that's the only explanation for our "almost"15 year old marriage). Well, we played our old game. He complained. I made faces. He said he would not dress up at all. I got the clothes for him anyway and hung it outside our wardrobe door, ver visible, so he could get used to it. He pretended not to see it... Finally, 5 minutes before we had to leave, he took a shower, put on the traditional indian clothes, none of us said a word and we left to Pradeep and Sumitra's party.

We were the last ones to arrive. Everyone was already drinking, chatting and laughing. We got there right in time for the food. Fab Indian food, I should say.

After a little while, Pradeep called us to watch the movie. Silly as I am, I started looking for a TV set. Little did I knew Sumitra and Pradeep had organised a whole open movie theater outside the house. We had chairs, carpets and a huge, huge projection on the wall, right on the side of the house. That was going to be cool!!

I never saw a Bollywood movie before and no one ever told me they last a minimum of 3.5 hours, so I was boggsmacked when we had a break for dessert. 2 hours had gone by then, but I did not even notice.

Back to the movie, the characters started dancing and singing to attract rain. The movie was set in a very deserted part of India and people were struggling with the dry conditions. Pradeep stopped the movie and taught us some dance movements. Pradeep, if teaching at Polytechnics don't work out for you, you can always be a dance instructor! We rehearsed, rehearsed and rehearsed. And I guess we did well, because out of the blue, the rain started!

I could not believe it. In Bahrain, right in the desert, where it rarely rains, we danced and the Gods answered our request. The light rain brough smiles to everyone. It was never a heavy rain, just some drops, to refresh the evening.

And it was an amazing party! NAMASTE

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