quinta-feira, abril 8


Every child is egocentric. They believe the whole world gravitates around their own belly button. And it is quite normal. There are thousands of books written about it.

Then comes teen years, where every thing has an excuse. hormones, changes, this and that. And people justify the teens "ego-centrism" once again.

When you reach adulthood, you are supposed to be cured. All sorted, gone. Kaput!

Sometimes it work, but sometimes it just does not. And I am a typical example.Want specifics?

I have this blog. And I am enjoying it to bits. I come here all the time to write, read comments (and they do come!), see what's new, check if it did not disappeared... The entries on it's counter are mostly mine, I am sure. And my mother's, because every day I bully her into coming here. God bless her heart!

Today I was reading great blog "Ela fala e sai andando", that has thousants of readers, and I saw a gadget that identifies when someone is copying your texts. I had no doubts. I quickly run my search, to see if anyone has been copying my texts.

And after I received the obvious result : *no one copied anything*, I even went all the way to install it on my blog page. Just in case...

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