sexta-feira, abril 2

Eating In

I live very close to the Bahrain Saudi Arabia causeway. This means our Thursdays are a nightmare as far as traffic is concerned. The saudis invade our island and it takes hours for us to move in the highway. We can't go anywhere without being stressed and irritated

To avoid this inconvenience we declared Thursdays our "Dine in day". We invite 4 to 6 people to join us and we have a blast. No traffic jams, no stress with the police breathalyzer, nothing.

This week I invited two couples I love. Iracema and Paulo & Andrea and Abel. Everything was going really well, FAbio and Paulo were in the living room (where people should be) when Andrea arrived with flowers. It threw me off balance and I started looking for a vase (which I found I do not own), then decided to use a juice jug to accommodate my gorgeous tulips. By the time I was done with all the flower work, I noticed my kitchen had been invaded.

They were all there. My guests, my traitor husband, who should be holding the fort AWAY from the working quarters.

Normally these dinners are very informal, but they take place in the living areas. I pretty much realized this time things would be a bit different. No mess scared these guys. In the kitchen they were and in the kitchen they stayed.

When I am cooking, I use a recipe book, a chronometer and pay all the attention I can manage, at the task on hand - and it works. I am no Nigela Lawson. Obviously.

The conversation was very animated, we were laughing, chatting, telling stories...and I managed to over salt the rice (which was also so hard it did not make into the table), burn some bruschettas (we scratched it with a knife and saved some bits), I also undercooked the potatoes that accompanied the lamb (apparently he meat was decent enough) and the salad was ok. So was dessert - Baskin & Robbins ice cream. CAn not go wrong with that.

I have to be grateful to my darling guests who probably attended every single etiquette course in the planet and made sure I did not feel too embarrassed despise the disaster of my cooking attempt. I actually hadfun. Lots of fun.

The lesson for my future guests is: come for the company. If you are expecting good food, you ar "F"

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