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Hummer ride at Bahrain International Circuit!

Yeah. About a year a go. I got bored of doing "bugger all" and decided to start trainning to be a tourist guide. The job is all about talking, talking and talking some more. I can totally do that.

After 6 days of training I was graduated to go along with a proper guide taking Italians to ride a Hummer (yes, that fun, big army car).

I was quite excited because there was an empty space and I could join the tourists for free. YAY. Exciting.

The guide left me with half the tourists and took the other half to visit the Formula 1 facilities, all bla, bla, bla.

After I managed to send two lots of turists on their ride, I found out the tour company had sent one of their employees to go on the darn ride (considered the cream de la cream of the tours).

It was official, I would be the only one sitting in the coffee shop for 40 minutes waiting for all the people who went out to have a blast on the tracks.

I did what I do best. Bought a huge piece of chocolate cake and decided to avoid sad feelings. Overloading my sistem with sugar was the way to go. It normally works.

The last hummer was a bit late and when I spoted a white one parked just close to us I went there to get it all done and over with.

- Hey! Do you know if that is MY hummer?

- No. It is not. That is MINE and I am the chief of security for the whole site, bla, bla, bla

I could not care less who the guys was or who he was not. I found the hummer we hired, got all my people into it and just to piss the guy off, I yelled:

- Just make sure you get into trouble, so I can get THAT hummer than and go after you guys...

Inside I went for my cake. I soo needed it.

Then the next thing I saw was Mr policeman/chief of security/all important no one, looking at me and laughing his head off.

- Yeah, it seems that you are pretty upset because you did not go on that car, uh?

- Yep - I mumbled and kept to my chocolate fix

- ok. Come over, I will take you for a ride

And off I went on the hummer tracks, in the police's hummer. The guy took me to visit the security centre where they monitor all the Formula 1 event from and run with his white hummer on the race track.

It was pretty fun!!

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