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I am the "clumsy queen"

I was reading this blog "Diz Ai", and Claudinha, the author was telling everyone how she always says or does the wrong thing. Oh, guess what? She is sooo not alone.

My first manager's meeting at a new job in New Zealand. Managers from all over the region were having dinner and having a good time. I was ok. did not really know any one yet, but I am normally fine in social occasions.

The dinner was over, I took the napkin from my lap (such great manners I have) and placed it on the table, as one should. The only small problem was the candle that was also on top of that particular table, and decided to viciously attack my napkin.

The fire alarm went off, there was a bit of smoke around and the next morning, the big Boss, opened our regional meeting saying the dinner had been a "flaming success"

Oh, well...

Not enough? You need more in order to hand me the clumsy crown?

This meetings happened every three months. I worked for a government department - Immigration to be more precise. And at this specific dinner, we had the BIG boss joining us. When I say big boss, I really mean it. He was there representing the Minister and we all behaved. Sort of.

This man decided to come and sit in front of me, because I was new and therefore an unfamiliar face. He was extremely friendly. I got excited and as I moved my hands side to side for impact, I knocked over a full glass of red wine. Of course it went straight to his white shirt and I wanted to just disappear.

Lucky I do recover quite quickly from incidents and when we were saying our farewells, I just mentioned:

- If you were a gentleman, you would have taken the blame for the accident...

From that day onwards I was no longer the unfamiliar face. Or hands, I should say.

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