domingo, abril 18


I clearly remember when I found out about death. The concept was so absurd that it took me years to understand it, and I confess I still do not accept it.

I was four years old and was staying at my grandma's house. My poor nana had to sleep on the floor, right beside my bed, so I could hold on to her finger all night long. I did not want to leave my bed or the comfort of her hand.

Interesting how that touch could send all evil away. The simple fact that I had her hand on my hand was enough to assure me that everything would be OK.

I also remember a very interesting conversation I had with my mother when I was 6.

- So, if there is a nuclear war, do we all die?

- Yep.

- So I die, you die, my dad dies...but my grandma in Serra Negra (we lived about 200km apart), doesn't die, right?

- We all die. Your grandma dies too.

- And why someone would be so stupid to start something like that?

I am now 38. 32 years have passed since that little girl asked the question. Unfortunatelly I still don't have the answer...

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