domingo, abril 4


I need a passion. No, don't get me wrong. I am totally passionate about my husband (who happens to be the best guy in the world), my challenging teenager daughters and even our gorgeous dog. As far as passion for people, I am covered.

I need to find that other kind of passion. The one you jump out of bed before the alarm clock, because you are so excited you are going to "do that", whatever that is.

I realized I am "passion less" when I was talking to Fabio, years ago, and the conversation went like this:

- I have decided to bungee jump, parachute and scuba dive.

And the man of my life, with all the serenity he is known for, just replied:

- Before or after your cooking and sewing classes?
I only want to say, I did bungee, parachuted, did my scuba diving course and several other radical sports. I also went on cooking classes and if I never learned how to sew, it is because I have a bit of a prejudice and still believe it is for grannies.

Ok. Maybe I am all over the place. And have been since I remember.

Look at my professional path.

I am a journalist. When I finished my course I opened an advertising company, I worked in sales, moved overseas and went to call centres. I was an operator, a training manager, I worked in several Team Manager's positions. I decided to leave call centres and went to Immigration. Worked there as well. At the moment, I am a free lancer tour guide once a week.
Consistent, uh?

And hobbies? I painted, mosaic-ed, played tennis, went to the gym, did photography, nothing really lightened my fire and made me think ; WOW! That's it! That's what I want to do.

I mean, I do. I do want to do all this stuff. And I do it. For a while. And then I get distracted and find something that is more fun.

I still think I need a passion. Something that will capture my heart and soul. For now, the only thing I am passionate about is my freedom. Please don't clip my wings!

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