terça-feira, março 23


Today I watched a very sad movie about an Iranian woman. She was married and had four kids. Two boys and two girls. Her husband feel for a 14 year old girl and decided to divorce her and marry this girl. He offered to take the boys with him, but would not take the female children and would not pay child support.

Soraya did not accept it and her nightmare began.

The husband hit and humiliated her constantly, but she was convinced she was not going to let her kids starve, so she took all the abuse.

When a woman from her village died, her husband needed help to take care of the house and to help with his son. The influential men in the village asked Soraya if she could take the job.

Thinking it would be a good way to make some money and maybe save for her kids future, she accepted the job and worked hard, maintaining her house and the widow's house at the same time.

Her husband, still planing on marrying the young girl, saw in it an opportunity to get rid of Soraya. He started rumours about her having an affair with her employer, he black mailed people to be his witness and he finally managed to get her into trial.

With all the gossip in the village, Soraya was convicted. And in slam, adultery is punished with death by stoning.

Soraya was stoned by her own village and died a horrible death.

This is a real story. My stomach turns inside out when I thnk how many cases like this happen in the world every day and we never even hear about it.

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