segunda-feira, março 22

foot in my mouth

I am not sure why, But I am often called to serve as other people's PAs. And I don't relly mind. Some of my friends call me and ask me to invite several others to parties, meetings, gatherings. And so I do.

This week is specially busy with several "events" happening. And somehow I am in charge of inviting lots of people to different gatherings.

One phone call went sort of like this:

- Hello!!! I am calling to invite you to "BBBB" dinner party tomorrow.

- Are you sure?

- Of course. Why would I be calling you otherwise?

- Funny. "BBBB" and I are not talking. We had a disagreement over a year ago and never spoke again.

...dead silence...

- Well, maybe she wants to patch things up, or meybe she doesn't even remember it anymore. Hope to see you there then. Bye.

As soon as I disconected this call, I called the hostess to let her know I mixed things up, and she may have an old "enemy" at her party...kkkk

Lucky I do not charge for this PA job.

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