segunda-feira, março 15

Bahrain drivers

I was late to meet some friends at the local coffee shop today. When I finally reached the street I was heading to, a guy decided to stop his car in the middle of the road and chat with a friend who was inside his car.

From what I gathered, he was explaining something about the neighborhood. He spoke, moved his arms around, took his time.

And for a little while I let him. then I grew impatient and honked. And honked some more. And stuck my hand to the horn until the noise was unbearable. Unbearable to me, because the darn driver did not move.

When he finally decided to go ahead, I parked my car and was crossing to join my friends when I looked and had the biggest surprise!

The car was u turning. That man was coming back.

I had no doubts. Just stood in the middle of the street, no giving him any space to pass. Man, did it feel good?

I simply stayed there for as much as I felt like.

When the man turned his engine off, I thought it was enough, so I turned around and entered the coffee shop.

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  1. Only you could do something like this :)
    Great to see you blogging at last!