sexta-feira, março 26


Yesterday I went to Cartier's grand opening. I only went for the fun and the company because I obviously can't afford Cartier jewellery.

I never thought I was going to meet anyone I knew, but as soon as we arrived I recognised half the party. It is hard to believe how small is this island.

And I did what I do best. Chatted here, chatted there, samiled everywhere. Until a gentleman approached me:

- Hello! How are you? Great to see you here!!

I felt a bit confused as I could not remember where I knew him from. Trying to look as engaged as possible I replied:

- Wow! This siland is really small. I did not expect to see you here. What a nice surprise...

Then came my gorgeous friend (who was invited to the party and took me along) and saevd my evening:

- Inaie, this is Yaya, he is a professor at the University.

I even had the nerves to be cool and reply:

- Yaya and I go back a long time. It sure is a pleasure to see him again.

The party went on, we had a great time. This morning I receive a message from my friend, with a forwarded e mail from Yaya:

Dear Francine,

It was lovely to see you yesterday and meet Eena-Mia again. This week there will be an art exhibition you may be interested in attending. Please also invite Eena-Mia.



I could not stop laughing. What a sweet name he gave me. Eena-Mia ? It is so cute. And I am surely not remorsefull for not remembering him any more. He also could not remember my name...

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