quinta-feira, março 18

Farida Mohammed Ali

This woman is an amazing singer. If she ever decides to sing with PAvaritti they will break all the crystal in the neigbourhood.
The music is very moving, it is impossible to be untouched by it.
And being me, I went the whole mile. I danced, I amde noises, I copied her moves, I had so much fun, the lady behind me could not help but ask:

- So did you live in Iraque?
- No, I did not.
- And how do you know her?
I did not have the heart to say I actually never heard about her in my life, so i just lied:

- I have friends who love her...

Soon an arab man was also very touched by my passion for Farida that he started translating the lyrics to us.

At some stage I was dancing away when the lady at the back said to my friend:

- It is nice to see your friend's enthusiasm, but this is a very tragic music. Look around, you won't see anyone else dancing.

I got the message and spent the rest of the show trying to copy other people's behaviour, in an attempt not too be too insensitive...

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