segunda-feira, março 15

Art at the Manama Souk

This month is when everything happens in Bahrain. Shows, performances, workshops, and we can not forget the F1.

It is all go. But from April's fool onwards, the country goes back to it's normal sleepy status.

One of the events was called DIKAKEEN - envisioned by Waheeda Malullah, a great artist. Her concept is very modern. She got together with 22 other artists and they found abandoned shops, walls and land in the middle of the old souk, and they stamped it with their art.

Some people expressed themselves with photography, others with paintings, or installations.

A young photographer made life size pictures of people looking through a glass panel and created a tunnel where the spectators became merchandise.

Another artist, made life size dolls and hung them over a dump (all in the middle of the souk). All very interesting and insightful, but in my opinion, the best piece was a sink. One of these old bathroom sinks, cheap, white, small. And the artist painted a mouth on it, suggesting people should brush their teeth more often.

This sink was located right in front of a shisha bar. To get close to it, we had to walk through a corridor of local smokers.

At first we felt a bit uncomfortable, not sure what to do, but as soon as our artist guide ventured into the corridor, I followed her.

The reaction was immediate. The Arab men all started talking, to each other and to us, some were shouting.

I could not help but feel proud to be there. Such a beautiful moment. all the locals excited and happy to show their local art.

My delight did not last long, because one of the organizers of the event decided translate what the men were saying:

- What are you doing here? Why are you taking pictures of us?

-Go home. You are not properly dressed

- Get out of here

- Take one more picture and I will break your camera...

My innocent art experience turned into a yelling tunnel, and I could not help but feel bad for intruding in their space, life and country. To impose our culture and habits upon them.

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